Boris with Merzbow: Sun Baked Snow Cave

This second teaming of ridiculously prolific Japanese Drone Rock meisters, Boris, and even more prolific number one J-Noise guru, Merzbow, could well be a marriage made in Heaven or Hell depending on your point of view and the health of your eardrums.

The album consists of a single hour long track, which surprisingly gets of to quite a gentle start with a few acoustic guitar notes from the Boris gang and some gentle buzzes and hums from merzbow. . early section is actually quite calming and makes use of silence in a way less common to J-NoiseThis builds throughout the first two thirds of the album until we are faced with a much more familiar aural assault slightly more intense than the freakout on Boris’ Smile, but not in the audio nasty territory of Merzbow’s Merzbear. The guitar and electronics merge particularly well here and avoid Boris’ tendancy on Smile to occasionally sound too much like they are attempting to play Prog-Rock solos, but failing miserably.
Boris with Merzbow – Definately more than the sum of its parts.
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