Taku Sugimoto: Live in Australia

This double CD comes complete with a 1000 plus word essay by Sugimoto himself discussing the nature of music, performance, recording and found sound. Pretty interesting stuff, but unlikely to prepare the unwary listener for the musical experience he/she has just invested in.

What you have here are two tracks, both over an hour in length, on two CDs that are are much about the aural environment as about Sugimoto’s performance. For the majority of the recording we can hear cars passing, audience members coughing, rain rattling on the roof, chairs squeaking etc. Occasionally (and I do mean very occasionally), Sugimoto plays a muted note on his guitar. I haven’t counted, but I would be very surprised if Sugimoto plays more than 10 notes in the 62 minute Music for Amplified Guitar and it seems like forever before the guitarist makes any musical comment on the torrential rainfal that makes up the first 15 minutes of Dot.

Although this is a fascinating recording for those interested in questioning the nature of performance and the role of recording, it’s not recommended for those seeking catchy tunes or virtuosic displays. It might be good for messing with peoples heads at parties though.

Disc 1
Dot (73) 72:24Recorded live by Matthew Earle at Performance Space, Sydney, September 12, 2003
Disc 2
Music for Amplified Guitar 62:20Recorded live by Lawrence English and John Chantler at Nine Hours North, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, September 14, 2003
All composed by Taku SugimotoTaku Sugimoto: guitar
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