Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium

I received some good news yesterday. My paper, “Music as a Machine for Thinking”, has been selected for presentation at the Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium in August. Woohoo! That means I’m off to Canada in just over a month.

However, this does mean that I am going to be mad busy until mid-August, as I’m still putting the final touches (ahem!) to my paper for the 20th Century music conference at Keele University in just over a week, writing a flute trio and doing a 5.1 mix of my new piece. I’m also sitting on a panel at Keele about narrative in music, so I have a bit of boning up to do. It should be a productive trip though as Tokyo Yakimono is being played in the listening room there.

I’m still waiting to hear if Toronto have accepted my new tape piece, Strike!, for their concert programme yet.

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