Crazy Times

There’s so much going on at the minute that it’s getting difficult to keep track.

I’m into the recording and mixing phase of the Amazing Grace themes and incidental music, which is going really well. We did a full day in the studio this week and we have a few location recording session to do oveer the next couple of weeks. Amazing Grace is going to be broadcast in five parts on BBC Radio 4 through the week beginning 28th June.

Residue, a string quartet and live electronics/tape piece I’ve been working on as a collaboration with Adam Stansbie has been programmed for performance as part of the ICMC festival, so I need to finish of the parts and re-do a couple of other bits with Adam.

I’ve been asked to interview Michael Finnissey for an iphone/ipad arts magazine called What Else (see Links). That will be a fun gig, but there’s a bit of pressure on regarding deadlines.

Although I finished my other string quartet recently, I’ve decided to give that a re-working.

All this stuff need to be done by the end of May, when I’m off to New York for the performances of Strike! and Residue. Once those gigs are over, I’m off to Visby in Sweden to be composer in residence until the end of June.

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