I’ve finally delivered everything for Amazing Grace. I’ve a busy time ahead of me for the next month.

At the beginning of June, I have two performances of my music that I will be attending in New York, Strike! and a new piece for String quartet and live electronics called Residue. Residue is a collaboration with fellow composer, Adam Stansbie, who has written the electronic element of the piece. I will be performing the live electronics part myself. Luckily, it looks as if I will get two rehearsals with the quartet before the performance. Phew!

After New York, I am off to the Visby International Composers’ Centre in Sweden to be composer-in-residence. While I’m there, I will be completing my piece for quarter-tone alto flute, guitar and live electronics for Rarescale.

Before I set off for New York in June, I will be getting involved in the early stages of my biggest upcoming project, Wingbeats. This is a mini-opera/music theatre piece in collaboration with librettist Adam Strickson that forms part of the curated 2012 Olympics.

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