Residue: Voxare at the ICMC

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On 3rd June this year, there was a special concert of music for strings and live electronics as part of the International Computer Music Conference in New York and I was lucky enough to have a piece included in the programme, along with music by Tommaso Perego (IT), Spencer Topel (USA), Marc Ainger (US), Tom Lopez (USA), and Neil Rolnick (USA). Sadly, due to technical issues, Marc Ainger’s 13forLucky was dropped from the programme at the last minute.

The quartet selected to be quartet-in-residence for this years ICMC where the Voxare Quartet (

My piece was a piece for string quartet and electronics, entitled Residue, and was a collaborative project with my friend and colleague Adam Stansbie ( The collaborative process worked this way; I wrote the music for the quartet and then Adam responded to that music with an accompanying part of electroacoustic textures and gestures built up from the sounds of string instruments that he had recorded.

Despite a couple of technical problems, such as my MaxMSP patch not working and then my laptop crashing on me just before the beginning of the performance, the whole thing went really well. I was really pleased with the way the ensemble played my music and the piece in general got a really great reception from the audience.

The Voxare Quartet were very complementary about my music and intend to play Residue again aome time in their concert series. We are also currently discussing them performing another of my string quartet pieces and perhaps me writing a new quartet especially for them.

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