The Flock – Dinosaur Swamps

I dug this 1970  album called Dinosaur Swamps by The Flock out yesterday as I was going through my old vinyl. I remember picking this album up at a record stand in the old Corn Exchange in Manchester because it featured Jerry Goodman, who later went on to play violin for Mahavishnu Orchestra.

I think at the time I bought it, I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t an album of frenetic virtuosity like Mahavisnu’s Inner Mounting Flame, but I soon came to realise that The Flock’s idea of fusion was a very different beast. As well as the obvious Jazz, Rock and Funk influences you would expect to find on a Fusion album, there is also a very prominent Country sound and elements of Soul. There is also a real Zappa-esque sense of fun about the whole record. Check it out.

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