Far Out Spaced Oddyssey

I’m still a big fan of buying music on vinyl, and part of the fun for me is making impulse buys based on album cover art.

In this particular case, I was passing Manchester’s best (possibly only these days) independant Record shop, Piccadilly Records. Besides the obvious eye-catching nature of the cover art, I was attracted to the blurb promising “Psychedelic Folk, Electronica, Jazz and Rock from the Out There Edges of Brazil!”. I mean, what’s not to like there?

I must admit, I wasn’t going into this completely blind (deaf?) as I’m a huge fan of Soul Jazz’s Brazil ’70 release of post-Tropicalia Brazilian Rock and their Nu Yorika album released in the ’90s. Both great records with more amazing grooves than you can shake a dirty stick at.

Anyway, Far Out Spaced Oddyssey comes highly recommended by me. It’s got great tunes and some amazing, and occassionally freaky, grooves. The final track on side A, Diretiz Binario, has a groove that will have you checking that your record isn’t skipping!!

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