As Good as Mozart?

I’ve been somewhat inactive musically speaking for the last few week due to some intense decorating/renovating  that we’ve been doing on our house. I’m not really used to not composing, so the whole thing has been a bit stressful for me, as I constantly think I should be “working” rather than stripping wallpaper, painting walls or fitting loft doors. However, the good news is that the music room is just about finished and it looks great.

I remember reading a passage in Morton Feldman’s book, “Give My Regards to Eighth Street, where he discusses the importance of finding the perfect chair to sit in while composing. He writes  (I think only half-jokingly) that if he could find the right chair, then he would be as good as Mozart. I’ve just put in a massive desk to compose at, so I’m hoping that will ensure that I will become as good as Feldman.

Can’t wait to start work in my  new room!

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