Shopping for Gear

Although in many ways producing music has never been easier due to DAWs, notation/publishing software, cheap hardware etc. , it has meant that the composer, in order to compete against the millions of good composers out there – and, in fact, the millions of rubbish ones with all the gear but no idea – has do regularly splurge on upgrading and updating studio gear, computers and software. Unfortunately,  today has been the day when I have had to bite that bullet and order a whole new home studio set-up (although I am keeping my monitors and Motu soundcard). Hard on the pocket, but exciting in a perverse kind of way.

I am by no means a massive tech-head, but allowing oneself to fall behind in software these days can be disastrous and could easily cost you a commission, or at the very least require you to put in many more hours than your competitor who has kept his system up-to-date.

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2 Responses to Shopping for Gear

  1. adam strickson says:

    WellI’m glad you’re no slouch Steve and investing in being state of the art. Otherwise why would I be working with you?!!
    Hope the pocket isn’t completely empty. I finally bought a netbook this summer after buying 3 laptops for the rest of my family over the past 5 years, and never being able to afford one for myslef… but then I do have a daughter who’s a graphic designer. Adam
    PS And now you know I’m following you…

    • YepIt’s been big investement time recently. I’ve just re-done the music room/studio at home ready to nest down and write Wingbeats!

      I think you should really get a prize for being my first follower!

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