Recording Session at Styal Mill

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I spent all day yesterday at Quarry Bank Mill on the Styal Estate, close to Wilmslow, Manchester doing some recordings of looms, spinning wheels, mules, steam engines, waterwheels a spinning jenny and a flying shuttle.

The lovely people at Styal allowed me to spend the day there recording sounds for a new electroacoustic piece I’m about to compose. Everybody there was extremely helpful, especially the ladies doing demonstrations of spinning and weaving in the pre-industrial era. One of these fabulous ladies, Cynthia, turned out to be an ex-studio manager from the BBC and gave me some great tips on creating sound effects in the studio.

The new piece will most likely be a quadrophonic piece making use of the sounds found in Quarry bank Mill. Some of the sounds may also find themselves transformed into theme and incidental music for a new BBC Radio drama I am about to start working on called Cottonopolis.

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