Duck Duck Goose

My friend Hannah Nicklin and Jamie McDonald of your neighbour the liar have started a new record label called Duck Duck Goose in order to help emo/indie/punk/DIY bands get their music released.

That’s pretty fucking cool!

Having done my share of DIY/Punk scene many moons ago, I have some inkling of how tough it is and how much passion and dedication are needed to even get these things beyond the just-talking-about-it stage. Not only that, Hannah and Jamie aren’t taking the ‘easy’  route (there is no easy route, just numerous varieties of hard route) of digital download only, but are putting these releases out on vinyl too.

That’s even fucking cooler!

Duck Duck Goose’s first release is an EP called Where the Wires Ran by Without Maps and I put my order in as soon as I heard this track on Soundcloud. In fact, I snapped a copy up so quick, that I may well have been their first customer.

There’s a fantastic energy to this record and more than enough musicality and control involved to keep fans of bands such as Circle Takes the Square happy. I’m looking forward to hearing more.

The EP is available as a vinyl 10″ which will ship at the end of the month, but as soon as you make your pre-order, you get the digital download version. I’m listening to the download at the minute and it’s great, but I can’t wait for that slab of vinyl to hit the doormat.

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