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Dancing in the Moonlight

I stumbled across this quote recently from Eli Roth about Last House on the Left and songs in horror movies: “Even as a kid one of the things that stayed with me was the music, done by lead actor David … Continue reading

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Just Before Dawn

I firmly believe that the best cure for a cold is to wrap oneself up in a duvet on the sofa and watch Slasher films. It probably works for any kind of film that’s a guilty pleasure, but for me … Continue reading

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Death Waltz Records

  Death Waltz Records must be one of the coolest companies. Essentially they specialise in vinyl reissues of soundtracks to cult horror and sci-fi movies. Lots of these soundtracks are established classics, such as these two of mine, but they … Continue reading

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I’ve been zombified by the Cherry Sheriff!!

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Torso – It saturates the screen with terror!

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I’ve neglected this blog for a while, mostly due to work committments. However, I will try to keep posting stuff. I finally got round to buying the Shameless edition of Torso yesterday, although I haven’t had a chance to watch … Continue reading

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The Mask of Satan

The Mask of Satan 1960a.k.a. Black Sundaya.k.a. The Mask of the Devil If you’re a fan of Bava, then you’ve probably already seen this first film in the Bava boxset (I’ve no idea why I haven’t!!). Anyway, if you are … Continue reading

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