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Who Goes There?

Check out this musical tribute to John Carpenter’s The Thing by British Experimental Rock Group. Words by Mike Sizemore, music by me. Advertisements

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Bad Pollyanna – Pull the Trigger

Performing Pull the Trigger with Bad Pollyanna at the Whitby Festival

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1964 Vox Lynx

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Duck Duck Goose

My friend Hannah Nicklin and Jamie McDonald of your neighbour the liar have started a new record label called Duck Duck Goose in order to help emo/indie/punk/DIY bands get their music released. That’s pretty fucking cool! Having done my share … Continue reading

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Death Waltz Records

  Death Waltz Records must be one of the coolest companies. Essentially they specialise in vinyl reissues of soundtracks to cult horror and sci-fi movies. Lots of these soundtracks are established classics, such as these two of mine, but they … Continue reading

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What the Future Sounded Like

If you have any interest in electronic music of any sort, you should really check out this Australian documentary about electronic music in Britain and EMS in particular. It wasn’t all Radiophonic Workshop you know.

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View from the Stage

  Sadly, I wasn’t waiting in the wings with my Les Paul strapped on, ready to dash on the the cheers of an adoring crowd, but sneaking on quietly during Fall Out Boy’s set to chat with one of Nine … Continue reading

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